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In 2007, Michael Reda (avid homebrewer and former IT professional) founded STRONG ISLAND BREWING, INC.  Currently, STRONG ISLAND is in start-up phase, raising capital (ok, scrounging and begging), applying for brewing and alcohol licensing (man, those Federal and State agencies have their hand in everything) and hunting for a suitable facility in Suffolk County with the proper zoning (Waste water?  What waste water!?!?!)

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In the meanwhile, Michael continues producing his finely crafted beer in his garage brewery; tweaking his beer recipes and striving for superior quality and craftsmanship.  

So, why name the brewery STRONG ISLAND ?  Its simple, really?span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Long Island is home to approximately 3 million people with highly diverse cultural backgrounds; and somehow we all manage to get along.  It is the largest island in the 48 contiguous states and it is a suburb of the strongest and best city in the world.  Long Island is renowned for its natural oceanic beauty and pockets of affluent areas ( Nassau County is the 12th richest county in the United States , and Suffolk County the 35th richest).  But mostly, Long Island is known for its strong middle-class citizenry!  We are dedicated to hard work, suburban homeownership, family living, schools/education, local community events and FUN!



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